My brother-in-law, George, told me about a story idea he had, and it was a good one. I was happy for him, and I didn’t want to be covetous: “Lord, I’m so happy for George. I would like an idea for a story, I so want to write one, but I just don’t have any good ideas. Would you please bless me with an idea for a story?” At this time I had already abandoned the notion of writing a fantasy. World building was a garden of weeds to get lost in. If I was to ever write anything it would have to be set in a world I already knew: farming.

Not long afterward my friend, Kevin, encouraged me to attempt committing five minutes a day to writing. Literally five minutes, and some days it would only be five. But that only lasted for about two weeks, until BAM! story idea, which became “Seeking Morels.”

“Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow.”

C. M. Setledge, 2022

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