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Two years since the disappearance of Granddad has left the Brandtmeyer farm in a state of uncertainty. Jonah longs for the days spent with his granddad, while his father, Noah, becomes consumed with preserving their current way of life. Tensions rise as the reality of losing the farm looms on the horizon.

Will Noah find a solution without compromising his integrity and alienating his family? In their desire for closure, will the Brandtmeyers ever unravel the mystery of Granddad’s vanishing?

Set in the farmlands of Ohio in the late 1980’s, join Noah through the trials he faces to save the family farm. Follow his son, Jonah, in his search for more than just the elusive morel mushroom. Spring is in the air and discovery is waiting —leave no stone unturned.

Author Bio

C. M. Setledge killed two birds with one stone with his debut Seeking Morels by fulfilling the dream to write a book and putting his English degree to use. Having grown up on a farm in the Heartland, he left all that behind for love, moved to the Sonoran Desert and got married. He enjoys spending time with his wife and children and has little time for writing.